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Make Your Brand Shine with a Leading Channel Letters with Raceway Manufacturer

LITASIGN, based in Shenzhen, China, is a wholesale maker of channel letters founded in 2015. We are committed to supplying our clients with high-quality channel letters at reasonable pricing. Our cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified employees enable us to execute a more cost-effective production process that boosts efficiency and reduces turnaround times.

Specializing in channel letters – allows us to develop a more cost-effective manufacturing method that boosts efficiency and decreases turnaround times. Allowing us to fulfill our deadlines more effectively.

Custom, Raceway-Mounted Channel Letters for Any Business

Raceway channel letter signs are cylindrical markers custom designed to fit your business’s needs. Whether you want a traditional letter or something more creative, we will create the perfect sign for your purposes.

We use high-quality materials, including acrylic, aluminum, and stainless steel. You get to choose what typeface, size, and color works best with your logo and overall image, and we do all the rest from there.


Delivering Products and Services That Exceed Your Expectations

At LITASIGN, we cherish our clients’ respect and trust and constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and services.

We took the intelligent decision in 2015 to extend our operations into a 6,000-square-foot manufacturing building, allowing us to establish our in-house painting facility. This development has also enabled us to increase our staff to manufacture an even more significant volume of products in a shorter time.

Why Choose LITASIGN for Your Raceway Mounted Channel Letters?

LITASIGN is committed to providing our customers with high-quality raceway-mounted channel letters at the most competitive pricing. Our channel letters are made from the best aluminum, strong motors, and precisely machined parts. You should select us for your project requiring raceway-mounted channel letters for the following reasons:


We produce high-quality signs using the latest production methods, state-of-the-art technology, and industry-leading raw materials.


We manufacture our signs in-house to find ways to reduce costs. We offer custom signs of high quality at an affordable price.

Lead Time

Depending on the type and quantity of signage you order, it will take approximately 7-10 business days to complete them.


The letters come with a 1:1 layout template, stud bolts and nuts, an installation diagram, and other installation accessories.


We have 8 years of experience and expertise in the sign-making industry. We are confident in our ability to create quality signs for you.


We offer a one-year limited warranty against non-human damage.

Elevate Your Signage with Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters are available in various sizes and are composed of aluminum or steel for strength and longevity. They come in standard and custom colors, allowing you to acquire exactly what you need to match the image of your company. Raceway Mounted Channel Letters are the best option to upgrade your signs.

Facelit Channel Letter on Raceway

Our Facelit Channel Letters are the market's most impactful and versatile channel letters. With various options and sizes, these LED-lit letters and shapes are mounted to an aluminum container behind the sign. Box contains all electrical connections, and installation is simplified.

Face and Halo Lit Channel Letters on Raceway

These channel letters are lit from the face and behind, creating a halo effect around the letter. This creates a one-of-a-kind look for your sign, with large letters that can be seen from far away. The letters can be mounted to aluminum or plastic behind the glass container containing all electrical components.

Halo Lit Letters on Raceway

Halo Lit Channel Letters are an ideal way to stand out. These signs utilize LEDs to give your business a halo effect behind them, making them visible from a distance. The letters can be mounted to an aluminum container behind the sign containing all electrical components, including transformers, power supplies, and lenses.

Face Lit Letters and Logo on Raceway

Raceway Signs are a perfect way to make you and your business stand out. Our Lit Letters, Logo, and Shapes are carefully selected to match your style or business. All text and logos on our signs are added digitally so that you can change them as often as possible!

Day & Night Channel Letters on Raceway

Day & Night channel letters are a great way to get your name out in public and make a big statement about you. A large assortment of sizes is available for every application. The simple and easy installation makes this sign perfect for short-term or permanent use.

Rooftop Raceway Letters

The Rooftop Raceway Letters are designed for long-lasting performance with a lower profile than industry-wide standard designs. These letters are made with UV-rated, non-fade-compliant acrylic and are scratch-resistant.

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Black Channel Letters

Black Channel Letters are an apparent surface mount product. They are made of aluminum and feature an extruded letter design for excellent visibility and the appearance that you have far more letters than you do.


Price from $80.00

Channel Letter Manufacturer

Our company can manufacture channel letters for companies looking to enhance their brand and substantially impact their business. We specialize in supplying letters to businesses of all sizes, national chains, and local mom-and-pop stores.


Price from $89.00

Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letters, also known as illuminated signs or nameplates, have bright LED lights shining large letters and logos. They are used for business and brand identity to attract customers.


Price from $105.00

Non-illuminated Channel Letters

Channel letters can serve a beautiful and elegant function in advertising but do not always need to be illuminated. Non-illuminated channel letters are suitable for any business that is looking for a clean image without the expense of lighting.


Price from $90.00

Indoor Channel Letters

The Indoor Channel Letters are perfect for any indoor application. The pre-assembled panels can be easily installed on a wall or ceiling with minimal effort. They are also easily removed and re-installed when renovations are required.


Price from $100.00

Outdoor Channel Letters

Transform the outside of your building into a bold statement with outdoor channel letters. These high-quality metal signs are designed to last and can be customized to fit your branding perfectly.


Price from $110.00

Neon Channel Letters

Neon Channel Letters are versatile and useable in various settings. They can be used as attractive accent lighting for signs, showcases, or clubrooms. In addition, they can be applied to the face of vending machines to create a distinctive appearance and offer greater visibility to customers.


Price from $95.00

Foam Channel Letters

Our Foam Channel Letters are a cost-effective and durable solution for creating cost-effective signage that won't damage your walls or windows. Our Foam Channel Letters are easy to install and remove so that you can make an array of different designs with ease.


Price from $89.00

Benefits of Raceway Mounted Channel Letters

Many advantages come with channel letters on the raceway. The first benefit of using LEDs as a lighting source is that they are safe, secure, and energy-efficient. Compared to neon and fluorescent bulbs, they will produce cheaper electricity costs. You may save money on maintenance and replacement expenses because LEDs have a continuous life of up to 50,000 hours.

A raceway-mounted sign may elevate your sign to stand tall on the roof’s incline. Giving it a refined appearance as it amusingly looks over the top at people walking by below. This mount has numerous advantages. Aesthetic and utilitarian elements coexist in some.

The runway’s background can create contrast, bringing attention to your letters and giving them a vibrant, three-dimensional appearance. While the colored light from the LED backlit sign can flood your roof in color at night, the sun’s shadows during the day may draw attention to your letters.

Raceway VS Wireway

Installations of raceways are more extensive and thicker than wire ways, leading to more prominent and striking signage. Raceway letters are a bolder, more noticeable design than a wireway installation, providing a better 3D impact. It can be the most excellent option if you want your type to stand out.

However, racetrack mounting also has a lot of logistical and valuable advantages. Because it involves minimal modification and penetration into the mounting surface, mounting channel letters with raceways enables a reasonably quick and straightforward installation (i.e., your roof).

It takes substantially less time than installing each letter individually because only two or three mounting places are needed.

Additionally, raceway mounting offers a safe and impermeable enclosure for the sign’s electrical components. This implies a lower likelihood of an electrical failure by severe weather, turning your brilliant sign into a drab, dark rectangle.

Before choosing to employ a wireway bracket, it is usually a good idea to consult with the owners of your company because some might require that you do so. However, some people would instead use raceway mounts.

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