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Brighten Up The Christmas Season with LITASIGN's Marquee Christmas Lights

LITASIGN’s Marquee Christmas Lights are ideal for decorating your home or adding a personal touch to a corporate event, fair, or party. With our massive range of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can create stunning displays – from marquees and signs to words such as ‘Merry Christmas’ and individual letters or numbers.

All our Marquee Christmas Lights are weather-resistant, perfect for year-round use. Use them indoors or outdoors to brighten the day with sunshine yellows since the color yellow is associated with joy and happiness and signifies new beginnings.

Your Reliable Partner for Your Marquee Christmas Light Requirements

LITASIGN has the capability to manufacture your personalized Christmas Marquee Lights. We relish the opportunity to meet your needs within the constraints of the resources at our disposal. In addition, our sales team is well-equipped to discuss your unique specifications.

Our goal is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. We take pleasure in meeting delivery schedules and deadlines. Our sales crew is proficient in English and is committed to providing prompt and effective service.

marquee christmas lights-production-process

LITASIGN, A World-class Brand in Marquee Christmas Lights

LITASIGN was founded in 2015 and now employs over 120 individuals. We are a Chinese firm that specializes in advertising signage design and construction. Our corporate headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China. Our products include marquees and advertising signs that are widely used in various situations, including retail establishments, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, and manufacturing plants.

LITASIGN design, manufacture, and supplies high-quality, fashionable Marquee Christmas Lights to consumers worldwide. Our goal is to ensure that our consumers have a happy experience with our Marquee Christmas Lights, and we do that by giving them excellent service.

You dream it, we make it

A Detailed Production Process of Marquee Christmas Lights


Stainless Steel Punching

Sound holes are punched in a stainless steel sheet by a metal-punching machine. The size of the aperture is dictated by the size of the LEDs fitted into it.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering is when two solid edges are joined together by applying melted solder to the joint.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Smoothing the edges of a typeface will eliminate burrs and other irregularities.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

The paint you apply to the surface of a plate can be used to make a marquee sign that adds both durability and visual appeal.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Insert the completed lamp into the correct hole to install an LED bulb. To prevent water from entering, apply tape or other waterproofing around the connecting portion of the light and at the base of the lamp holder.


Marquee Sign Packaging

When shipping items overseas, LITASIGN, an exporter of marquee signs, recognizes the critical function packaging plays in preventing damage to the marquee signs.

Why Choose Marquee Christmas Lights from LITASIGN?

Choosing LITASIGN's marquee Christmas lights is the finest choice this year. Marquee lighting is utilized to enhance any event's design and mood. From weddings to school dances, marquee lighting is a cost-effective method to create a memorable occasion. They may bring color and charm to any event while also drawing attention to your booth or exhibit booth in a high-traffic environment.


LITASIGN's Marquee Christmas Lights allow you to display anything you want, whenever you want, with no strings attached. In addition, the wholesale marquee letters can be easily changed and rearranged to meet your specific requirements.


The most excellent aspect about Marquee Christmas lights is that you can purchase them once and reuse them multiple times instead of buying new ones. Additionally, they are pretty simple to replace at no additional expense, saving you a lot of money.


LITASIGN's Marquee Christmas Lights are made with raw materials and procedures that assure they are incredibly sturdy, lightweight, and excellent quality. As a result, they are resistant to weather fluctuations and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Low Costs of Maintenance

Christmas lights for a marquee from LITASIGN are very simple and straightforward to maintain because they are composed of robust materials that are designed to last for an extended period of time. Nothing more than routine inspections and servicing will be required to ensure that the components are in proper operating order.

Easy To Install

LITASIGN's marquee Christmas lights are typically pre-assembled, eliminating the need for a technician to complete the installation. Additionally, LITASIGN specialists always ensure that you receive installation documentation.

Better Visibility

When viewed from a distance, marquee Christmas lights are extremely noticeable. As a result, everyone will be able to easily see the marquee letters and your message.

Lightweight Design

The majority of the marquee Christmas lights are made of lightweight materials. In this way, you may effortlessly set and handle it in your desired location.


The Marquee Christmas Lights are a work of art in their own right. We would never sacrifice terms of quality for the sake of quantity. LITASIGN's marquee Christmas letters are durable, waterproof, and long-lasting.


A marquee Christmas light from LITASIGN will serve as an excellent means of attracting the attention of onlookers because of its eye-catching appearance.

Dazzling Display of Marquee Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a fun way to add some holiday cheer to the front or back of a house, business, or event during the season. These stunning marquee Christmas lights accomplish just that while adding seasonal flair.

Holiday Marquee Letters

Holiday Marquee Letters are the perfect solution for any holiday or party that needs a little extra sparkle and shine! Available in many different colors, our marquee letters offer an easy way to create any message you can imagine.

Santa Claus Marquee Christmas Light

Santa Claus Marquee Christmas Light is a beautiful and classic light for a home, business, or event. This marquee sign is an easy and affordable way to start decorating for the holidays. It's made from durable, high-quality materials and easy to install.

Snow Man Marquee Christmas Light

Snow Man Marquee Christmas Light is a professional outdoor Christmas light. Although it is excellent for displaying your Christmas holiday, it can be used to decorate your house, yard, and garden. The installation is straightforward to do by yourself without extra cost. Set them up on the ground or on a wall where you desire.

Santa's Hat Marquee Christmas Light

Santa's Hat Marquee Christmas Light is a perfect addition to your holiday light display. Beautiful and festive, this marquee light will lead the way to your house during the holidays to show your family and friends that you care about them and are happy to welcome them this season.

Star Marquee Christmas Light

Our Star Marquee Christmas Light is the perfect decoration to add a festive and sophisticated touch to your home this holiday season. It can be used on the front porch or indoors for an elegant look!

Christmas Tree Marquee Christmas Light

Add some holiday cheer and a little seasonal sparkle to your home by adding this Christmas Tree Marquee Light to your outdoor décor. This outdoor light fixture features an elegant, three-dimensional Christmas tree design and weatherproof construction that adds festive charm to your holiday festivities.

Noel Marquee Christmas Light

This festive marquee-style Christmas light display will enhance your home with a colorful and cheerful touch that will last for years. The Noel Marquee light features soft, uniform lighting with no sharp edges, perfect for illuminating your home's exterior.

Santa Marquee Christmas Light

The Santa Marquee Christmas Light is the perfect addition to your Christmas decor or any other time of year! This lighted marquee features classic red and white design with "Santa" on front and is designed to be placed in your yard or on the house. An excellent item for anyone who loves Christmas decorating.

xmas marquee-christmas-lights
Xmas Marquee Christmas Light

Bring your holiday home to life with the Xmas Marquee Christmas Light. This strand of colorful LED lights has a durable metal frame that is easy to install and attractively displays the lights, making it look like you’ve gone all out decorating for Christmas.

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Cursive Marquee Letters

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Outdoor Marquee Signs

Perfect for any business, bar, restaurant, or home, these marquee signs will make your advertising stand out from the rest! Constructed of a powder-coated stainless steel frame for rust resistance, our marquee signs are designed to withstand the elements.


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Indoor Marquee Signs

These bright, eye-catching Indoor Marquee Signs are sure to grab the attention of your customers and passersby. Their vibrant colors and impressive, eye-catching graphics add a touch of excitement to any display or business promotion.


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Marquee Letter Table

The Marquee Letter Table is an excellent way to provide a bold, eye-catching focal point for your space. Whether you choose to have it serve as an accent table or desk, this piece's bright hue and smooth finish create a stylish look that is sure to make an impression.


Price from $120.00

Why Choose LITASIGN for Your Marquee Christmas Light Requirements?

With a marquee Christmas lights package from LITASIGN, you can expect your home to be equipped with the very best in contemporary illumination. We’ve been in this business of offering quality marquee Christmas lights for more than 6 years, so you know that you’re obtaining something dependable and durable. We’ve got a wide choice of products in different designs, ranging from our basic Marquee lettering to Santa Claus Marquee Lights and custom-manufactured products.

  • Direct manufacturer with more than six years of experience in making Marquee Christmas Light, we are well-positioned to meet your needs. Because 
  • LITASIGN manages the entire production process in-house, there is no need for a go-between to split profits with customers. You could save money and time by purchasing all of your signage needs in one location if you use a one-stop shop for your signage needs.
  • All Marquee Christmas Lights and accessories meet or exceed the requirements of the CE, RoHS, and UL standards and regulations. As a result, we typically opt for high-quality accessories over low-cost alternatives when purchasing supplements.
  • Possess a broad and technologically advanced infrastructure that increases production and quality control.
  • A sturdy, tidy, and compact package protect the products. Machine-fitted 10mm honeycomb board boxes to the dimensions of each holiday marquee letter, resulting in a professional-looking product. The box is small enough to save on shipping expenses while still sturdy enough to ensure that the package arrives in one piece. After a long period of anticipation, you may be assured that your Marquee Christmas Lights will arrive in perfect condition. In addition, your clients will be pleased with the packing because it will be visually appealing and clean.
  • There is a dropshipping service offered. To boost brand recognition, you might incorporate your company’s logo/label, as well as instructions, in the packaging.
  • Ensure that clients receive prompt feedback. Design and mock-up time will take around two hours. For a quote, one hour is required of your time. Our sales specialists are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Contact us today.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Marquee Christmas Lights


Light up your life and home this holiday season with marquee Christmas lights! Marquee lights are great for Christmas or other holidays. If you’re planning to light your home or office, why not look at marquee lights? The right marquee lights will pull the holiday spirit out of you and transform your space. However, if you’re not familiar with marquee lights, you may have questions.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Marquee Christmas Lights will answer all your questions, clear up all the confusion, and help you find suitable marquee Christmas lights.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Marquee Christmas Lights?

A marquee Christmas light is a single light that has multiple functions. They can be used as lanterns, path lights, or hanging lights. The majority of the marquees are weatherproof and do not require any power source; simply direct them toward a power outlet, and they will glow. There are hundreds of marquee Christmas light patterns to choose from.

Figure 1 - Marquee Christmas Lights

2. Is Waterproof Function Available for Marquee Christmas Lights?

Yes. A waterproof function is available, with an IP167 rating.

12V adaptor and bulb are waterproof. All accessories are waterproof and conform to CE/RoHS/FCC certificates.

3. What Plugs are Available with the Marquee Christmas Lights?

We offer different kinds of plugs. Just tell us your place, and we will assemble the specific plug for your country. To meet the foreign country’s electrical regulations, we offer the following plugs:

  • American Plug (110V)
  • UK Plug (220V)
  • Australian Plug (220V)
  • European Plug (220V)

4. Can Marquee Christmas Lights Stand By Themselves?

Yes, our Christmas lights for marquees are freestanding on level ground.

We usually recommend installing supports on the back of letters for the grass or uneven ground. Sandbags can be more effective.

5. Which Packing System Do You Use for Marquee Christmas Lights?

Regardless of the sizes and types of marquee Christmas lights, LITASIGN always uses a specific packaging container of cardboard or foam. The technique of spacing marquee letters by manufacturers is significantly more important than packing systems.

We ensure that the Christmas lights for marquees are packaged to withstand the elements. It will provide no loose packing material in the package when pressure is applied.

6. What Types of Designs are Available in Marquee Christmas Lights?

Marquee Christmas lights are designed with a variety of patterns and designs. The patterns can be horizontal, vertical, and circular. Marquee lights can also include LED arrays that display in various ways.

Joy Marquee Letters

Marquee Christmas lights are designed with a variety of patterns and designs. The patterns can be horizontal, vertical, and circular. Marquee lights can also include LED arrays that display in various ways.


Santa Claus Marquee Light

 Add a touch of Christmas cheer to your home or business with this great-looking Santa Claus marquee light for Christmas. Great for indoors and outdoors. Easy to assemble, have to plug into an electrical outlet, and be ready to use.


Star Marquee Light

Star Marquee Light for Christmas is a great holiday decoration to add flare to your outdoor space. With its vibrant red color, this Christmas star light adds a unique display of color to any home or garden. Bring some novelty and excitement to everyone’s winter wonderland and create a warm atmosphere that lasts all night.


Christmas Tree Marquee Light

Transform any room with this bright and fun marquee Christmas tree. The LED lights are cool to the touch, making them safe for children. This lightweight marquee tree is easy to assemble and can be packed away during holiday storage.


Noel Marquee Letters

This illuminated Christmas Sign, “Noel,” is the perfect addition to your holiday decor or an ideal gift for anyone who loves Christmas. Our Noel Marquee Light instantly adds ambient light and puts everyone in the holiday spirit.


Snowman Marquee Light

Add some festive flair to your fireplace mantle, mantelpiece, or windowsill with our Snowman Marquee Light for Christmas. This snowman-shaped light is an excellent decoration for the holiday season and can be used year after year.


Xmas Marquee Light

LED Xmas marquee light for Christmas is the best choice for your holiday decoration. It can create a wonderful Christmas with a soft light, romantic atmosphere, and warm feeling.


HoHoHo Marquee Light

Hohoho, the holidays are here! Light up your life with the colorful Hohoho marquee light. This adorably festive Christmas light set will brighten up any atmosphere and season.


Merry Marquee Light

Our Merry Marquee Light is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your home, office, or shop. The light also makes an excellent addition to any wedding party. The item can be used indoors or outdoors and makes a great photo backdrop or Christmas tree decoration.


Merry & Bright Marquee Light

Decorate your home for the holidays with this Merry & Bright Marquee Light for Christmas. This marquee light features a simple “Merry & Bright” design and is perfect for decorating your shrubs, trees, or house windows. The LED lights are energy-efficient and easy to install.


7. Can You Use the Marquee Christmas Light Outside?

Yes, but make sure to have a spot protected from the harsh weather. The marquees are recommended for indoor or sheltered outdoor settings. Even though they are made with weather-resistant materials, marquees may face trouble from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

8. What Colors of Bulbs Are Available?

The standard color of lighting that has primarily been utilized and chosen – is warm white (dimmable) (dimmable). Besides that, you can also select – cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green colors of lights according to your desire. 

Marquee Christmas Light Bulb Color Choices
Figure 2 - Marquee Christmas Lights Bulb Color Choices

9. Are Your Marquee Christmas Light PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test is a regular inspection of electrical appliances to check whether they are safe to use or not. In addition to this, it prevents sudden electrical accidents in the event place. All marquee Christmas lights have been PAT tested and are safer to use.

10. Are the Marquee Christmas Light Battery Operated?

They are not battery-operated. They must be plugged into an electrical outlet for power.

11. Are the Marquee Christmas Light Weatherproof?

The marquee Christmas light is resistant to light precipitation and other external factors. However, it is advised that the marquee Christmas light not be used outdoors during inclement weather, such as strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet.

12. What Types of Bulbs Are Included in Marquee Christmas Light?

The types of bulbs used in Christmas marquee lighting include:

  • Included in the package are C7 intermediate base incandescent bulbs for 12-inch and 18-inch LED marquee signs.
  • For LED marquee signs 24 inches and larger, a C9 intermediate base incandescent bulb is supplied.
  • The average lifespan of the basic bulbs given by manufacturers is around 4,000 hours.

Among the LED bulb upgrading alternatives you can investigate are:

  • C7/C9 light bulbs typically last approximately 50,000 hours.
  • The lifespan of G40/G50 round bulbs is between 4,000 and 50,000 hours.

In the majority of instances, you should contact your manufacturer and request a specific color bulb.

13. Can I Customize the Marquee Christmas Light?

Yes, the marquee Christmas light can be customized since manufacturers offer a variety of font styles, colors, materials, sizes, and other aspects from which to pick.

14. How Do I Mount the Marquee Christmas Light?

Reinforced metal keyhole brackets for hanging are permanently attached to the rear of every marquee Christmas light. Mounting marquee Christmas lights is as simple as nailing or screwing them to where you want them to hang, similar to a picture frame.

Let’s follow the steps to know how to place your custom light up letters on the wall

  • First, fix the place or spot where you want to hang your marquee Christmas light.
  • By using a pencil make a mark on the wall.
  • Then drill with a drill rig. Now put in the rawl plugs.
  • After that, remove the top section
  • Tighten the tiny screw by using a screwdriver, 
  • Now sandwich the symbol into two halves, then tightly screw them all.

15. What Factors You Should Consider While Choosing the Marquee Christmas Light?

Numerous variables to consider while selecting a marquee Christmas light –

  • Raw materials
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Size and shape of the lighting system
  • Warranty
  • Efficiency
  • Installation
  • Affordability

16. What Personalized Options Are Available in Marquee Christmas Lights?

  • Design in every language 
  • Quantity of letters per line
  • Alignment of letters
  • Design and dimension of fonts 
  • Font, backing, and background colors 
  • Preferred power plug style 
  • Cable type 
  • The color and size of the cable 

17. How Long Does a Marquee Christmas Light Last?

They typically have a life expectancy of 45,000 hours. Purchasing a low-quality marquee Christmas light will necessitate future repairs and maintenance.

18. Do Marquee Christmas Light Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

No, they are not at risk of being exhausted. It conserves energy, does not overheat, and emits less heat. The superior-grade marquee Christmas light generates low heat. Moreover, they have been PAT-tested. Therefore, marquee Christmas lights are safer to use than regular ones.

19. Do You Need To Pay a Higher Electrical Bill With Marquee Christmas Light?

No, not at all. When you go for marquee Christmas lights, you need not worry about a hefty electric expense. The customized Christmas marquee lights consume less fuel than the conventional lighting system. Thus, it will not result in a higher electric cost.

The custom-made marquee Christmas light features energy-efficient, bright, and low-wattage LEDs. Consequently, the customized marquee Christmas lights are economical to operate

20. What Payment Terms Do You Accept?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

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