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Brighten a Big Day: Custom Neon Sign for Unforgettable Weddings

Add a modern touch to a wedding ambiance with custom neon signs. These personalized artworks illuminate a love story, from displaying names in vibrant hues to creating striking backdrops for cherished moments. Perfect for welcoming guest, framing vows, or adding flair to spaces like the sweethearts tale or reception bar. Illuminate a love story with custom neon signs, ensuring a wedding day shines brightly in memories. Shop our custom wedding neon signs collection.

Mr & Mrs Neon Sign

Loving becoming Mrs. to his Mr. This stunning wedding neon sign needs no explanation. Our most popular wedding neon sign can instantly add flair to your special day's decor.

Better Together Neon Sign

"Always better when we are together." Use this popular favorite at practically any team building event, party, or wedding, and it'll lighten up the space.

Crazy In Love Neon Sign

This beautiful LED neon sign is ideal for photo booths at weddings, engagement parties, and anniversaries. Choose from a variety of colors! 

Love Heart Neon Sign

This charming neon art will be a hit at your engagement party, wedding, or anyplace else in your home. This crimson has a romantic vibe to it, and it's also available in a gorgeous white.

Will You Marry Me Neon Sign

With this exquisite LED neon light sign, make it a proposal to remember. When you pop the question, at your engagement party, and at the wedding, it looks incredible. Choose from our beautiful warm white or a vibrant hue that best complements your motif.

All You Need is Love Neon Sign

Beautiful cursive LED neon sign, ideal for weddings, events, and home décor. The neon is displayed on a high-quality acrylic backboard that has been cut to the shape of the neon.

Forever and Always Neon Sign

The best inspirational saying sign to brighten up your wedding. This adorable neon sign is ideal for lighting up your reception and making your wedding day unforgettable! It can also be utilized in your home as a lovely piece of wall art.

You & Me Neon Sign

With this You and Me neon sign, you'll fall in love all over again. Our stunning range of LED neon signage is ideal for every occasion, from parties to weddings, and even in the privacy of your own home. Get your hands on some personalized neon lights right now!

Bride to Be Neon Sign

This beautiful wedding sign in vibrant LED neon flex on a clear acrylic backboard, ready to hang or install, will add that unique something to your bridal shower and wedding photos. Pick a color that complements your wedding theme.

Wedding Neon Sign Inspirations

mock-up wedding neon sign real-wedding-NEON-SIGN

Customize Wedding Neon Sign with LITASIGN


LITASIGN: A Leading Wedding Neon Sign Manufacturer Globally

LITASIGN specialized in crafting high-quality wedding neon signs. With over 6 years of experience, we’ve serve numerous large corporations and small businesses worldwide. Our neon signs are meticulously tailored to your specifications, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Enjoy full personalization options, including font, style, size, logo/image and more. Every sign undergoes strict supervision by our professional, ensuring an outstanding result.

Custom Neon Wedding Sign Made With Modern Technology

LITASIGN uses innovative technology to create high-quality and effective signs that deliver the greatest results. The custom wedding neon sign is full of advanced and distinctive features and is strong, powerful, long-lasting, and durable. It is also built with user-friendly features and affordable price ranges.

The exquisite design, lightweight materials, easy modification, and stunning color effect will capture everyone’s attention. Also, LITASIGN’s wedding neon signs are both energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Custom Neon Wedding Signs: Wide Range Designs to Choose From

LITASIGN’s customized wedding neon signs can suit your requirements and preferences. It offers a broad range that includes popular selections such as “Love,” “Mr. and Mrs.,” and “Just Married,” as well as many other signs. The experienced expert signage team can help you find the perfect single or double-color neon wedding sign for the special event you are hosting. Also, work with you through the design process to ensure that it is perfect for the occasion.

LITASIGN has produced different types of neon wedding signs for weddings, receptions, parties, or other events and offers inexpensive neon wedding signs that you can purchase easily.

For Custom Wedding Neon Sign, Choose LITASIGN!

Since 2015, LITASIGN has been the industry leader in manufacturing high-quality custom wedding neon signs. It also provides quality products and professional service to all customers at affordable prices.

Powerful and Strong

The stunning and eye-catching color of the lightweight neon signage contributes to its appeal. We use the most up-to-date energy-saving technology to provide a bright light that will last for years.

Custom Neon Wedding Sign of Superior Quality

LITASIGN custom wedding neon signs are made to order and are of the best standard. It can also be customized to meet the project requirements. Text, font, and color may all be modified on any neon sign to match your requirements.


LITASIGN creates one-of-a-kind neon wedding signs that are also environmentally friendly. They can generate a lot of light without consuming a lot of power. As a result, both energy and money can be saved.

Easy to Install and Carry

LITASIGN's customized neon wedding signs are simple to set up and transport. The backboards also come with pre-drilled holes. As a result, they're ready to be hung on the wall.

Safe to Use

All the neon signs are risk-free and completely safe to use. They are simple to use. The neon signs will not overheat because they are more energy-efficient.

Extended Durability

LITASIGN provides high-quality neon wedding signs with extended durability and is simple to use. LITASIGN strives to provide its customers with high-quality personalized neon wedding signs.

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Bedroom Neon Signs

Discover our collection of bedroom neon signs, which includes a wide range of designs at moderate rates and of high quality.


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Wall Neon Signs

On a dark wall, a light, bright neon sign creates a wow effect that is ideal for highlighting a phrase, famous quote, or even a personal image.


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Home Neon Signs

We create the world's coolest and most spectacular custom house neon signs. With bespoke neon decor, you can turn your house into a beautiful, enjoyable space.


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Room Neon Signs

Give your room a makeover and add these cool neon lights to your space. Available in diff colors, styles, text or images to choose from.


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Outdoor Neon Signs

Waterproof outdoor signs with an IP67 rating. These are available in the same magnificent colors as our interior signage and are an excellent choice for outdoor use.7


Price from $177.00

Notre Dame Neon Sign

The Notre Dame  LED Neon Sign adds a touch of brilliant color and  character to any area, whether you're searching for a new-home present or a hip bedroom accessory!


Price from $160.00

Philadelphia Eagles Neon Sign

With this popular Philadelphia Eagles LED Neon Sign, you can add brightness, color, and life to any room! It'll look great in your living room, bar, man cave, woman shed, game area, or even your workplace.


Price from $190.00

New York Giants Neon Sign

The New York Giants neon sign is an exact copy of the football team's emblem. In your game room or bar, the blue and white outline will provide a wonderful light.


Price from $150.00

High-Quality Modern LED Neon Signs for Weddings

LITASIGN has established itself as one of China’s leading custom neon wedding sign manufacturers. LITASIGN has clients not only in China but in different countries around the world. Below are the advantages of collaborating with LITASIGN on your project.

1. Customized Wedding Neon Sign 

You can have a custom wedding neon sign made by us to your specifications, size, and colors. LITASIGN’s wedding neon signs are the best neon signs made with high-quality materials. You can have any font you choose and a wide selection of colors and designs.

2. Provides Promotional Materials

LITASIGN will provide photos and videos with descriptions of physical signs for your promotion and marketing purposes.

3. Warranty

We use the most up-to-date LED neon flex technology, which is stronger and lighter than traditional neon flex. Indoor neon signs have a 1-year warranty, while outdoor neon signs have a 2-year warranty. We will quickly replace the damaged sign with our shipping freight and import VAT. 

4. Short Production and Shipping Time

Short production time and shipping method to help save capital upfront. Production time: 5-7 days. Shipping: 4-6 days door to door by international priority express. Total of 11-13 days for your order to arrive. LITASIGN also has a rush order service for urgent requirements.

5. Client Testimonials

All of LITASIGN’s long-term clients have given us great marks. They have always recognized our sales personnel to be professional, conscientious, responsible in their service, and impeccable in the quality of our items.

6. Supply Capacity

LITASIGN has 50 workers skilled in hand-made signs, with a daily production capacity of more than 500 pieces per day, and can meet the requirements of wholesale customers.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Wedding Neon Signs


Neon signs have been increasingly popular in the wedding business over the previous decade. They’ve taken off like wildfire, and couples have been anticipating neon signs that complement their wedding theme.

Custom wedding neon signs provide a stunning, one-of-a-kind option for a celebration. These neon signs are built to order, allowing you to customize them with whatever phrase you like. Let’s examine some frequently asked questions about bespoke neon signs and see if we can assist you in determining whether they are the correct choice for any wedding celebration.

Table of Contents

1. What are Custom Wedding Neon Signs?

Custom Wedding Neon Signs are one-of-a-kind neon signs featuring original artwork, design, or graphics produced exclusively for you. Each sign is manufactured to order and is handcrafted utilizing LEDs and virgin silicone tubing by a skilled artist. 

Many color possibilities are available if you choose to alter the font or text color. Please choose from one of our pre-designed wedding neon signs or construct your own bespoke wedding neon sign.

Figure 1 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign

2. Where is the Custom Wedding Neon Signs Made?

Custom Wedding Neon Signs are made in China with advanced manufacturing facilities and quality materials.

China has a well-established supply chain for neon light raw materials and can produce bespoke signs with the highest quality and the shortest lead time. 

3. How Long Will It Take to Get the Custom Wedding Neon Signs?

Your custom wedding neon sign’s total production time is 5-7 business days. We can accommodate rush orders on a case-by-case basis. We can ship internationally via priority express, usually in 4-6 business days; the wedding neon sign will arrive between 11 and 13 days after you place your order.

4. Do You Accept Rush Wedding Neon Sign Orders?

Yes, it means you will get the sign 10 days after placing the order (production time 2-3 days, delivery time 5-7 days). The charge is 25 USD per neon sign.

5. What Size Should I Get for the Custom Wedding Neon Signs?

Consider the size of your venue, how the neon sign will be mounted, and how far you want it to be seen. We recommend a 30cmx 80cm neon sign for smaller venues, 50cm x 130cm for medium venues, and 60cm x 150cm for larger semi-outdoor spaces such as warehouses.

Custom Wedding neon Sign Size Guide
Figure 2 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Size Guide

6. What Colors Do You Offer for Your Custom Wedding Neon Signs?

Custom Wedding Neon Signs are available in 22 colors (see pictures for color reference).

Custom Wedding Neon Sign Color Board
Figure 3 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Color Board

7. Need Something Even MORE Personalized in Event Planning?

Custom wedding neon signs are becoming more and more popular at wedding events because they always feel fresh and festive.

We offer assistance on neon design projects of all kinds. Please send photographs of the space where you hope to use neon or any other images that sparked your inspiration, to our staff at the phone number or email address you see here. Visit our website to fill out a form.

8. How to Install the Custom Wedding Neon Signs?

The installation of personalized wedding neon signs is typically relatively straightforward. The instructions listed below will guide you through the process of hanging the wedding neon sign.

  1. To begin, gently unwrap the personalized wedding neon sign shipped to you. Then hang it on a wall or from the ceiling to display it.
  2. To properly install your LED signs, you must utilize the pre-drilled backing or mounting kit that came with them. After that, if you desire, you can connect a dimmer to the circuit.
  3. The LED wedding neon sign transformer will then be plugged into an ordinary electrical outlet, and the process will be completed. After that, your personalized wedding neon signs will be ready to illuminate the venue.

9. How Big Should a Neon Sign Be for a Wedding?

A 2.5ft to 4.5ft neon sign is appropriate for most weddings. They’re easy to set up on backdrops and look great in photos.

10. What Are The Main Types Of Neon Signs?

There are two sorts of neon signs, and this classification is based on how they are manufactured. The two types of neon signs are as follows:

  • Traditional Neon Signs – They are constructed of glass tubes, each with an electrode and filled with inert gases. The glass tubes are fashioned in various shapes to match the message displayed on the sign. Additionally, different inert gases can be utilized to create a colorful symbol.
  • LED Neon Signs –LED neon lights provide the same illumination effect as glass neon lights but are more energy efficient; These lights comprise an LED strip with various light-emitting diodes or LEDs attached to them. These LEDs’ kind, color, size, and strongly influence the neon light’s color, brightness, and hue.

11. 15 Neon Wedding Signs to Brighten Up A Reception

1. It Was Always You Neon Sign –This neon sign is illuminating the words. It Was Always You is a keepsake moment of the big day. A modern addition to your wedding venue, you’ll want to keep it on display long after your vows have been pledged—plug it in.


2. Mr & Mrs Neon Sign – This Mr & Mrs. Neon Sign is a perfect prop for wedding photo shoots and a great addition to your home décor. It can be easily installed or removed from the wall or window and takes up very little space in your home or apartment.


3. Last Name Neon Sign – Light up a wedding, anniversary party, or bridal shower. This beautiful neon sign will surely amaze everyone at the wedding! Or order one for the newlyweds to spruce up their home


4. Til Death Neon Sign – Bring a touch of whimsy to your wedding decor with Til Death Neon Sign. They’re also great for gifting a newly married couple or can be the perfect finishing touch for a loved one’s honeymoon suite.


5. Better Together Neon Sign – With its vibrant colors and design, the Better Together Neon Sign brings a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding or event. Set up is easy with either the self-adhesive wall mounts or stands. 


6. All You Need Is Love Neon Sign – Decorate a wedding with this All You Need Is Love Neon Sign. This neon light is perfect for wedding parties, weddings, home decoration, celebrations, or anytime you need a unique and eye-catching statement piece.


7. Drunk In Love Neon Sign – Romantic, drunken good times await the “drunk in love” neon sign for a wedding. This handmade neon comes with a high-quality transformer. Hang it up to celebrate your nuptials, or use it as decor when celebrating any other special occasion or just a Tuesday night.


8. To The Moon And Back Neon Sign – The neon light supports customized colors and logos. To the Moon And Back is a glowing neon sign that inspires love in anyone who sees it. It can be custom-made to fit any venue and part of the wedding. Make your day special by letting us make your themed day spectacular!


9. Crazy In Love Neon Sign – Crazy In Love Neon Sign. Just the perfect touch for a wedding! Our signs are so well crafted that they can be hung indoors or outdoors, although we do not recommend hanging them in direct sunlight or an exposed outdoor location.


10. Love This Way Neon Sign – A neon sign saying LOVE THIS WAY in vintage style with a red heart symbol. A nice decoration for a wedding ceremony and reception. This sign can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf.


 11. Happily Ever After Neon Sign – Add the magical wonder of neon to a special day with this Happily Ever After Neon Sign. Its easy-to-hang design makes it a fun and unique statement piece for weddings, bridal showers, and vow renewal ceremonies.


12. Just Married Neon Sign – Let everyone know of your happy nuptials with our Just Married Neon Sign. This marriage sign features the words “Just Married,” a fun display to hang at your reception or to use for post-wedding photos.


13. Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be Neon Sign – This Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be Neon Sign is a handcrafted piece of art that can be hung on your wall or placed on a table or mantle. It’s great for wedding day photos, home decor, and more.


14. You + Me = Love Neon Sign – Our You + Me = Love Neon Sign will add a festive and cheerful look to your reception with its fun design. Hang it behind the head table, the gift table, or just about anywhere you can think of!


15. Name Neon Sign – A custom Name Neon Sign for a wedding day is a great way to add a personalized touch to a special event! This sign can be completely customized with a couple’s last name and the date of their wedding or any other text you have in mind. You also have your choice of neon colors for the text, as well as the backdrop!


12. What Are The Differences Between Traditional Neon Signs And LED Neon Light Signs?

There are numerous distinguishing characteristics between traditional neon signs and LED neon light signs. Below, we’ve highlighted the distinctions —


Traditional Neon Signs: The range of prices is pretty high. Additionally, it is rather costly to fix and maintain.

LED Neon Signs: The price point is significantly lower than that of traditional neon signs, and they are also easier to replace.


Traditional Neon Signs: Traditional neon signs are less durable than LED neon light signs. Because they are made of delicate glass, they are prone to shattering.

LED Neon Signs: They are far more durable than traditional neon signs. They are constructed from higher-quality, flexible, and flame-resistant PVC.

Efficient Energy Use

Traditional Neon Signs: They use more energy and increase energy expenditures. Additionally, they are more concerned with safety.

LED Neon Signs: They are more energy efficient. As a result, energy consumption will be reduced while maintaining a higher level of safety.


Traditional Neon Signs: These are unsafe due to the dangers of accidental mercury and neon gas leakage.

LED Neon Signs: LED neon light signs operate at a lower voltage and do not generate heat. There is no such thing as broken glass.

Simple to Install

Traditional Neon Signs: Traditional neon signs are challenging to install due to their fragility, weight, and power supply requirements. As a result, you will typically require an expert installation.

LED Neon Signs: They are straightforward to install. There is no need for a specialized installation staff. Hang them like any other piece of wall art.

Simple to Maintain

Traditional Neon Signs: They will require maintenance, which a certified specialist should perform.

LED Neon Signs: They are low-maintenance and almost maintenance-free.


Traditional Neon Signs: Traditional neon signs are relatively substantial due to their glass tubes. Additionally, it enhances the suitability of classic neon signs for outdoor applications such as on buildings, stores, and so forth.

LED Neon Signs: Due to their reduced weight compared to classic neon signs. As a result, you may easily use them to decorate any space, including the bedroom, special events, weddings, and receptions.


Traditional Neon Signs: They generate a great deal of noise.

LED Neon Signs – They are entirely silent.


Traditional Neon Signage: They lack the brilliance of LED neon signs.

LED Neon Signs: They are significantly brighter than traditional neon signs.


Traditional Neon Sign: Approximately 10,000 hours of use.

LED Neon Signs: Up to 50,000 hours of operation.

13. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Custom Wedding Neon Sign?

Neon wedding signs can be made in whatever size, typeface, and complexity that you desire. Between $50 to $150, you can get a custom wedding neon sign.

14. Are Custom Neon Wedding Signs Can be Used Outdoors?

You can use the custom wedding neon sign in indoor and outdoor settings. Everything from severe rain to ice and snow to dew has been taken care of while creating the bespoke neon wedding signs. So, these neon signs are built to survive adverse weather.

15. How Much Power Does A Custom Neon Wedding Sign Use?

Input voltage of 12V results in lower power consumption for neon signs. Compared to the classic neon signs, it can save up to ten times as much energy. As a result, there is no increase in the price of electricity.

16. How Long Will A Custom Neon Wedding Sign Last?

Custom neon signs for weddings typically last 8-12 years. Remember how well you care for the wedding neon sign will affect its lifespan. LEDs have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours under normal conditions.

17. How To Choose A Neon Wedding Sign?

When choosing a Wedding Neon Sign, you must consider the following:

Size: A neon sign’s size is a critical consideration while making your purchase. The available space determines the size of the neon sign for the neon sign.

Design: Color, font, and shape are all variables that can affect the overall design. Style and design can affect the price of a product. The cost of a font with a curved style may be more than the cost of a font in black.

Backboards: The versatility of backboards makes them an essential consideration for the wedding neon sign. Backboards come in various colors and materials, including PVC and acrylic on multiple shades of color.

Price: The price of a neon sign is heavily influenced by its size and style. Higher prices are associated with larger neon signs.

18. How Are Custom Neon Wedding Signs Made?

  1. The LED neon flex circuit diagrams are created using high-tech computer programs.
  2. BEFORE FORWARDING THE NEXT PROCEDURE, the QC department inspects the LED PCB handmade neon sign boards.
  3. Using the most advanced SMT machine, high efficiency, precision, and stability can be obtained.
  4. After that, groove the acrylic board to secure the neon strip in place.
  5. Once the final neon sign is ready to ship, it undergoes an aging test to ensure the highest quality.

19. Is The Custom Neon Wedding Sign Safe To Use?

Using a personalized neon wedding sign is safer for the following reasons:

    • Voltages that are safe for humans- 12V
    • Low temperature and good heat dissipation
    • Use of flame retardant pure silicone material

20. How Can I Wall Mount The Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

For the most part, custom wedding neon signs are far lighter in weight than their standard counterparts. As a result, carrying a neon wedding sign is more straightforward and safer. The custom neon sign for your wedding can be easily hung on the wall.

The installation of the neon sign is surprisingly simple.

  • To begin, you’ll need to gather wall-mounting kits for your neon sign to hang it. From any hardware store, you can pick up the item you need.
  • Heavy-duty detachable hooks should be used if the weight is between 6 and 11 pounds.
  • Fishing wire and rope can also be used to secure knots.
wall mounted custom wedding neon sign
Figure 4 - Wall Mounted Custom Wedding Neon Sign

21. What Are The Custom Neon Wedding Sign Mounting Types of Options Available?

There are a wide variety of neon mounting options available, including the following:

Freestanding Acrylic Boxed Neon: Here, the neon sign is sandwiched between two acrylic sheets with a sturdy base. Additionally, it conceals the power supply.

Figure 5 - Freestanding Acrylic Boxed Neon

Wooden Panel: It must be mounted directly to the front side of the wooden panel in this technique. Additionally, you can secure it to the ceiling, wall, or top of the window frame.

Figure 6 - Wooden Panel Wedding Neon Sign

Neon Frame: It is a part of the original design.

Figure 7 - Neon Frame Wedding Neon Sign

Acrylic Backing: This option requires mounting the neon sign unit to a polished acrylic sheet. Then it can be hung on the wall.

Figure 8 - Acrylic Backing Wedding Neon Sign

Directly on the wall : It is affixed to the wall directly. All that is required is drilling into the wall and wiring in.

Figure 9 - Direct In To The Wall Wedding Neon Sign

Outdoor Mounting : This method involves attaching it to a metal house.

Figure 10 - Outdoor Mounting Wedding Neon Sign

Mirror Backing: It is similar to tinted acrylic and adds an aesthetic value by adding a glow.

Figure 11 - Mirror Backing Wedding Neon Sign

22. What Are The Advantages Of Using a Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

Neon signage is exceptionally long-lasting. It is pretty resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. Not only can you use them at wedding receptions, but you can also use them to add an aesthetic touch to any occasion, such as a house party, BBQ party, or another gathering. 

  • Energy Efficient: The neon sign is more energy efficient because it uses less power.
  • Durability: It may also save you money in the long run in terms of repair costs because it has a lifespan of up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting.
  • Outdoor Use: The neon sign can be used outside because it is weatherproof. As a result, it’s an excellent material for indoor and outdoor signage.
  • Visibility in the Sun: The neon sign may generally be seen better in the sun. As a result, it is an excellent choice for outdoor use.

23. Why Should I Get Custom Neon Wedding Sign For A Wedding?

1. Neon Signs Are Stunning

Neon wedding signs look fantastic! Over the years, I’ve used a variety of neon signs at weddings, and they never fail to wow. They truly make a statement in a very contemporary manner. Whether you’re planning an unconventional wedding or a classic gathering, you can include them in your theme or style.

2. Neon Signs Are An Excellent Option For Evening Lighting

Not only do neon signs look amazing when lit throughout the day, but they truly shine as the sunsets. They’re an excellent method to illuminate a reception and add drama or draw attention to a particular spot at a wedding. Additionally, depending on the shade of color used, they might produce an eerie glow across the dance floor. 

3. Customizable Neon Signs

Did you know that you can design your neon wedding signs? LITASIGN enables you to upload your design, ensuring that your product is unique. Add names, wedding dates, initials, private jokes, something meaningful, or a color scheme.   Personalization is always appreciated. The sky’s the limit, and you might have a great time creating it.

4. Multipurpose Signs

Neon signs are versatile and can be utilized in a range of applications. You might use the neon sign as a background for the aisle or top table of the ceremony, the cake table, or the perfect backdrop for the photo booth. Perhaps you’d want to utilize the neon sign to greet guests or as a navigational sign.

24. Can You Make a Custom Neon Wedding Sign with No Backing at All?

No. All custom neon signs for weddings are mounted on a high-quality transparent acrylic backing, but the backing can be trimmed to the shape of the lettering for near-invisibility.

25. How the Custom Neon Wedding is Packed?

We take precautions to ensure that your wedding neon sign will arrive with no damage. We use corrugated boxes that are 10mm thick, corner guards for large neon signs, and wooden cases for long-shaped neon signs.

Custom Wedding Neon Sign Packaging
Figure 12 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Packaging

26. Does the Custom Neon Wedding Sign Come with a Warranty?

  • 12 months for Outdoor Wedding Neon Signs
  • 24 months for Indoor Wedding Neon Signs

27. Can I Dim or Reduce the Brightness of the Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

Yes. You can operate the wedding neon sign with a remote control or a dimmer. The settings for the remote are adjustable, including dimming, changing the speed, and flashing lights.


28. Can the Custom Neon Wedding Sign Change Color?

Yes, we can incorporate RGB LEDs into most signs, allowing for total color change and a range of control or animation possibilities. The majority of the neon signs we create are static in color. LITASIGN comes in 22 colors, plus RGB (infinite color mixing, fixed, or color-changing). Other sign kinds are available in various colors; state your specifications, and we will try our best to match them.

29. Can I Use the Custom Neon Wedding Sign Outside in Hot/Cold or Wet/Humid Location?

Yes. We can supply signage and power supplies for external or indoor use under difficult conditions. When requesting a quote, please define your requirements, and we will price and manufacture appropriately.

30. What Fonts Are Available for Custom Neon Wedding Sign?

LITASIGN offers various text styles and possible compositions, including cursive, square, and two-fold lined text. We can work with virtually any textual type or design.

Custom Wedding Neon Sign Font Options
Figure 12 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Font Options

31. What Type of Neon Signs Can You Make?

LITASIGN can create neon business signs, open signs, event neon signs, name neon signs, LED neon lights for home aesthetic themes, bar signs, logo neon signs, and more.

32. Is Neon LED Flex A Good Choice For The Environment?

  • Led neon flex signs can save up to ten times the energy of an equal neon sign made of glass neon tubes.
  • With a 12V/24V information voltage, the led neon flex has a low force utilization.
  • When used properly, LED neon flex signs can last up to five times longer than glass neon signs, resulting in less waste.
  • LED neon signs are free of neon gas, mercury, and other hazardous synthetic substances that can complicate reuse.

33. What Backboard Options Are Available?

LITASIGN’s Wedding Neon Signs are mounted on a backboard made of acrylic. You can select the optimal backboard alternative based on the Plan you’ve chosen. Kindly notify us if you have any preferences or contact us.

The most well-known alternatives to backboards include the following:

  • Cut To Letter
  • Cut to Shape
  • Cut to Square

If you prefer the type of backboard that is suited, please inform us during checkout.

custom-wedding-neon-sign-backboard-options (1)
Figure 13 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Backboard Options

34. Can Custom Wedding Neon Sign Be Repaired?

Yes, our Wedding Neon Signs are repairable! It all depends on the situation.

Unlike traditional glass and gas neon signs, which may be time-consuming and incur outrageous repair expenses, our wedding neon signs are often much easier to repair and significantly less expensive – or even free if covered by warranty!

35. Are Custom Wedding Neon Signs Hot?

There are only 12 volts needed to run any of our LED neon signs, making them extremely energy efficient. Their low heat output allows them to be used indefinitely without overheating.  

36. Are the Custom Wedding Neon Sign Completely Silent?

Yes. Our high-quality wedding neon signs do not make a buzzing or humming sound. 

37. What Should I Expect to Receive in the Custom Wedding Neon Sign Kit?

All of The LITASIGN’s Wedding Neon Signs come with:

  1. Completed waterproofed neon sign
  2. 1.5 Transparent Exit Wire
  3. 12V DC Output Power Supply
  4. Remote
  5. LED Dimmer
  6. Advertising screws for wall mounting sign
Figure 14 - Custom Wedding Neon Sign Components

38. How Are the Custom Wedding Neon Sign Powered?

The LITASIGN wedding neon signs are designed to be connected straight to standard power outlets.

The sign is supplied with a 2-foot power cord, a 1.5-foot transparent power cord, and a transformer operating at 12-volts.

39. What Happens if the Custom Wedding Neon Sign Stops Working?

Not to worry, we offer a full 1-year warranty on all manufacturing defects and will replace your item if it stops working.

40. What Are the Payment Methods?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

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