BOOST Your Sales with Custom Store Neon Signs

BOOST Your Sales with Custom Store Neon Signs


Generate more sales using custom store neon signs. These eye-catching lights can be installed to draw attention from your store. Aside from that, these neon signs are also environment-friendly because they use 90% less energy compared to other lighting equipment. You can choose the colors you prefer for your signage and customize it with a logo or a statement.

1. Let Shoppers Know You Are Open With Neon Sign

Small businesses need to make a point of opening their doors and displaying an open sign during operational hours. This will allow customers to feel welcome, and it will also help your business to stand out from others. When deciding where to shop, shoppers often consider various factors that they find most appealing. One of these elements is aesthetics, and if they are not pleased with the appearance of the exterior, they will likely turn around and head to a different shop or establishment. A business may seem closed if the windows look empty or dark. However, an illuminated open sign keeps customers coming in.


2. Use Custom Neon Sign to Make Your Brand Identity Stand Out

Neon signs are an excellent way for small businesses to make an impact when they do not have huge advertising budgets. Affordable neon sculptures for room decor and business signage are universally recognizable. They will immediately catch customers’ eyes, making them an excellent branding tool for small businesses that need more money for large marketing campaigns. When you choose safe and efficient PVC and LED neon, you do not have to break the bank to make an impact with your brand.

When you choose neon lights for your store, you can provide your customers with a fantastic experience. Which means more repeat business for you and a little extra income each time they visit your business. It also helps you communicate your message to every customer more effectively.

Brand recognition and reputation management ensure that your customers view your business positively. It is not about making you look better or worse than your competitor. It is about ensuring that your customers perceive your business in a good light.

3. Neon Signs can be Used to Advertise Sales and Special Offers

Neon signs highlight sales and special offers. Whether you are announcing a new coupon or special offer, doorbuster savings, or simply that it is time for happy hour, neon signs offer instant visibility and recognition that will help your business. These bright LED lights are an effective marketing tool. They are also a fun and modern way to market new products and discounts on older ones. Most of the time, these custom, light-up messages are used for decoration with a side focus on advertising.


4. Neon Signs Maintain a Steady Flow of Customers Through Your Store

Color attracts people’s attention. Although this tactic may seem simplistic and obvious, it works well in almost any commercial establishment. If you place signs that glow in neon colors on the back wall or in the far corner, people will be more likely to make an effort to walk over and check out what you have for sale. Things like the placement of racks, shelving units, or tables have a lot to do with traffic flow within a store. However, you can make a big difference by enticing people to places that may get less attention.


5. Improve the Overall Look and Feel of Any Commercial Space

Neon signs for home decor double as practical marketing tools for any commercial space, whether a boutiquecafépub, service company office or showroom. They are impressive and capture attention as no other signage or display can. Whether you choose a simple open sign, a graphic that matches your company’s theme or a custom design created especially for your brand. Everyone who sees it will get a boost in mood. This translates into more favorable impressions of your company overall. LED Neon signs are a must-have feature of modern commercial spaces.



Your store’s visual identity is integral to its identity as a brand, even if it is not the main element of your brand. Consider adding a neon sign or two to your store to give it that extra something that helps it stand out from the crowd and invite customers to see all the beautiful things you offer. Let LITASIGN help you breathe new life into your business with these custom neon signs!

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